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The Vanson "Sizing Mule" - The ultimate custom jacket sizing tool!
The ordering process of the Vanson Limited Edition Hailwood Jackets is as unique as the jackets themselves. To begin the process we will collect some basic sizing information from you, (height, weight, waist and chest size, etc.) and then we will ship you the Vanson Sizing Mule - a plain black version of the actual jacket you will receive to try on and take some note as to it's fit. Depending on the fit of the mule, you may receive a second or even a third mule to make sure the fit is correct before we begin to make your new jacket to your custom specifications. These new Vanson jackets are all hand-made one at a time, the old fashioned way, so when you get the final Jacket with your name and number embroidered inside, it will be the unique, one of a kind jacket you can be proud of.

Select the Jacket you would like to order below and let's get started!

MH-01 $695.00 (USD)


MH-02 $695.00 (USD)

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